Tips on planning your wedding day:

There are thousands of “Tips” on how to make your day perfect.


Lets start at the beginning and say that you have selected your vendors. These people want to do the best job for you and give you the wedding you’ve always dreamt of. You need to help them do that. Give each and every one of them the time they deserve to do their job.




At the house: Your photographer and videographer want you to have the best. If you’re wedding party is late, you have handcuffed these two vendors. The videographer won’t have the footage and the photographer won’t have the appropriate number of images you deserve. And you can’t just stay later because the limo is outside and both the videographer and photographer have to go to the groom for his images. Make sure you have an invitation at the house. If you can, have the flowers at the house earlier than later. (also have plenty of paper towels to protect dresses from the water in the stems!)


The limo: Many limo companies book several weddings per day for one car.

Adhering to the schedule set up with the limo will insure he’s there for the day for you. I’ve done so many weddings where the event ran behind and the limo left because he was contracted at another wedding.


At the church:

While it’s true that no wedding takes place without the bride, delaying the ceremony only serves to crunch the time between the church and the reception. We’re talking about formals and your all important outside “Park” pictures. Give these two vendors time and you’ll have tons of beautiful pictures. Don’t give them time and you’ll most likely still have beautiful images but depending on the time allowed, a limited number.

Receiving line or not? If you choose to have a receiving line, I would suggest that you add an additional half hour to your day’s schedule. If you choose not to have a receiving line, you’re well advised to walk down the isle as Mr&Mrs and either find someplace to hide or keep walking out of the church and around to the alter again. If you stay in the church, a line will automatically form and you’ll never get out (and there’s a half hour you hadn’t planned on losing.)


Formals: A good photographer will be able to limit this segment of the day to about a half hour max. Provided you help him. Sit with your photographer and discuss who you will want in these formals. Then make sure they are there in the church or at the park. Assign someone in your bridal party to be responsible for gathering these folks. Your photographer is being paid to take pictures, not to go looking for people he doesn’t know.


Park pictures: It’s been said already, give the photographer the appropriate amount of time and watch for beautiful images.

If you have a change of shoes, change now because you’ll most likely do some walking. If the ground is soft, heels will become very difficult to walk in. If it’s warm, have beverages in the limo. Now is a good time to rehydrate with your bridal party. As an added bonus, this gives the photographer another photo opportunity.

If it’s cold out, be sure to have the proper shawl to stay warm.


The reception: OK, time to relax!! Your day was timed perfectly! You got beautiful images and video. Relax, show your new spouse your love during in your first dance. You won’t believe the images captured then.

Have fun!

I would imagine that by now you've guessed that timing is crucial to a successful day. You don't have to be "to the minute" but I've seen too many brides blow off lateness with "Oh, we're only a half hour behind" without knowing the implications.