Prices and Fees

I strive to create beautiful photography at affordable rates. Below is an overview of  standard fees. For individual projects and bulk discounts, we can talk about it when we sit down.

Session Fees

Engagement session  (included with each contract) $ 400.00
On-site portrait session $ 75.00/hour


While I do have package prices, my goal is to "create" a package for you that satisfies all your dreams and within your budget, whatever that budget might be. Package prices are dependant on size of wedding, ie: number of locations, size of bridal party, etc.
Package prices start at just under $2000.00


 Prices are subject to change with supplier increases/decreases A full price list is available when we sit together.  
  4x6  $ 2.00
  5x7                                                                    $  7.00
8 x 10 $ 15.00
11 x 14 $ 15.00
16 x 20 $ 30.00
20 x 30 $ 40.00
24 x 36 $ 45.00



 Charges are by the hour at a rate of $15.00/ 1/4hour

Booking Fee

A non-refundable retainer equal to 1/3 of the estimated cost of your contract is payable at the time of contract signing.  Typical payment terms are 2nd 1/3 payment, 90 days before your wedding and final 1/3 payment, 30 days before your wedding day.

I always send friendly reminders to alert you in plenty of time.