Booking a Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on your wedding!!

While all your vendors are important, one of the most important purchases for your wedding is your photographer and there are a few things you should be incorporating into your searches.

When we sit down, ask me questions!  Together we'll go into your day completely prepared.

The Way You Want It


Think about your wedding and the way you want it photographed. With the variety of styles available, it only makes sense to have the kind of photographer that will satisfy your likes. Joseph Paul Photography has the experience and ability to cover your wedding in most any fashion you want. Traditional, photojournalism or a combination of the two, my experience can deliver a beautiful wedding.


One of the most common oversights I've seen in my travels is not leaving enough time for photographs. Please take into consideration time to locations, amount of time at the location and time back to the original schedule. Make sure you allow for the time a receiving line takes and how that will affect your schedule of the day. Be sure to ask me about this when we sit down. I'll help you in planning your schedule as much as I can. After all, I might have done a few hundred more of these than you, right?

Have fun

My Job:  To give you beautiful images by which you remember your day. Your job is to have FUN. I won't be in your face, so, be relaxed (as relaxed as you can be on your wedding day!). Don't pay constant attention to me. I'll be there taking pictures.


Your Job: Pay attention to each other, let me see the love and emotion that exists in the two of you. Show it to me and I'll capture it. That way, we'll end up with the images you've always dreamed of.